Software Engineering

MMSV3-Software Engineering

The Software Engineering program is aimed at creating software engineering professionals. Students will learn most prevalent and latest technologies in the software Industry. It builds strong foundational skills with modules on Object Oriented Programming and Data Structure and Algorithms. This program focuses on developing knowledge and skills required to create Data Centric and Distributed Applications using .NET Framework and JEE. Live computer project help integrate learning of different technologies.

This curriculum is also powered by NIIT’s revolutionary methodology, which provides the teacher and the group of students to mould the learning style dependent on the profile of the Learners and give an environment to provide constructivism and collaborative learning. It has been therefore aptly called as LACC (Learning Architecture based on Collaborative Constructivism).

NIIT now announces the launch of the Diploma courses, based on Software Engineering. These programs will be semester based. The details on the Product are provided in the sections below.


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