Network Engineering

MMSV3-Network Engineering

The IT Support and Services industry is the backbone on which the smooth functioning of multiple industries such as telecom, automobile, oil and gas, retail, utilities, health services, and BFSI – banking, financial services and insurance rests. The market for desktop applications, hardware, networking support and security is undergoing a sea change with demand on an all-time high due to significant increase in requirement by these diverse industries. This is the primary reason why the IT Infrastructure Management services have become an important part of all business domains. As businesses all over the world are focusing on IT as a strategic asset, this growth in IT Support and Services industry is being reflected world-over. A typical enterprise infrastructure of any large organization is comprised of the following:

To add to this phenomenon, due to the increasingly digital world, the physical boundaries are becoming immaterial, and the world is becoming flat! A new technology is having its impact in the marketplace far-and-wide much faster and the early bird catches the fish.IT infrastructure outsourcing and management demand not only the right infrastructure in place, but also its proper management for any company’s smooth operation. Today, professional’s skills in Network Management Includes:

  • Planning and setting up of IT infrastructure
  • Network Support , Troubleshooting and Management
  • Infrastructure Processes Management
  • Management of Servers, Databases, Applications and Networks
  • Desktop and Operations Support and Troubleshooting
  • Infrastructure Management and Auditing
  • Designing and Maintaining Security

The fast changing Network industry and the requirements in the networking domain is what has primarily triggered a curriculum change. The fast changing networking industry requires additional specialized domain knowledge. Earlier, on-site support for software and hardware was in practice, but today it has changed to Infrastructure management services such as remote software support and Infrastructure management support. Newer technologies such as Virtualization have transformed the way the network infrastructure of an organization is built and managed.It is with this focus that the MMS – Networking Engineering curriculum has been redesigned for the International Market, to enable learners to be job ready with knowledge of the latest tools and technologies.


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