.Net Technologies

.Net Technologies

Enterprise Application Development -.Net Technologies: 280 Hrs.

This course is designed to give you as strong foundation object-oriented programming (OOPs) approaches and the fundamentals of C# programming language. It will familiarize you with Structure Query Language (SQL) and enables you to query and manage database using SQL Server. Further you will also get exposure to Windows-based GUI Application development using Rapid Application Development (RAD) on the .NET framework. This course will also develop your skills on database connectivity technologies such as ADO.NET and develop and deploy Web applications using ASP.NET.

Gain professional abilities in:

  • Logic Building and Effective Problem Solving: 24 Hrs.
  • Object Oriented Programming Using C# : 56 Hrs.
  • Introduction to the Relational Database Management System:24 Hrs.
  • Implementing a Database Design using MS SQL Server: 72 Hrs.
  • Developing Data Centric Applications using ADO.NET :48 Hrs.
  • Developing Web Applications Using ASP.NET.
  • Developing Distributed Applications using .NET Framework: 56 Hrs.

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