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NIIT Qatar Offers 3 years engineering program in software and Network Engineering | Multiple discounts options can save you up to 50%

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All of our courses are instructor-led. NIIT Qatar's instructors are experienced professionals, cross-trained in several technologies.

They can relate the strengths and weaknesses of products and present alternative solution strategies when they are warranted.

NIIT Qatar is offering
Mastermind Curriculum MMSV3 in:
Software Engineering
Network Engineering

Modular Program

Categories: Module(s) Module Title Duration
Programming Language & Development      
  Programming in C C Programming Language 40 Hours
  Programming in C++ Object Oriented Programming (OOPS) using C++ 48 Hours
  Programming in C#.Net Building Application using C#.Net 56 Hours
  Introduction to Java Programing Language and JDBC Core Java & JDBC Coding 40 Hours
  Python Programming in Python 32 Hours
  Programming in Advanced Java (JEE) JSP, Servlet & EJB Programming 56 Hours
  Developing Web Applications using ASP.NET: ASP.Net 48 Hours
Scripting Language      
  Java Script Scripting Programming using Java Language 24 Hours
  VB Script Scripting programming using Visual Basic Language 24 Hours
  PERL Scripting Programming using PERL Language 32 Hours
  Shell Scripting Unix Shell Scripting 24 Hours
Desktop Course      
  MS Office 2010 IT Fundamental, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, MS Outlook 70 Hours
  ICDL International Computer Driving License 70 Hours
RDBMS & Database Package      
  Relational Database Management System(RDBMS) RDBMS Concepts 24 Hours
  Implementing a Database Design using MS SQL Server 2014 Database Designing & Administration using MS SQL Server 2014 72 Hours
  MYSQL Database Programming with MYSQL 40 Hours
PC Technician & Network Technician
  A+ CompTiA Hardware (A+) 60 Hours
  N+ Network Technician N+ 48 Hours
Linux OS (Operating System)
  Managing & Administering Linux OS-I Linux Admin-I 48 Hours
  Managing & Administering Linux OS-II Linux Admin-II 56 Hours
Web Designing Tools:
  HTML5 Hyper Text Markup Language -5
  CSS Cascading Style Sheet
  PHP Hypertext Preprocessor
  Adobe Dreamweaver 24 Hours
  XML eXtensible Markup Language
Multimedia Packages
  Adobe Flash CS6 Graphics & Animation with Flash 24 Hours
  Adobe Photoshop CS6 16 Hours
  Corel Draw 20 Hours
  Adobe InDesign Media Publishing 16 Hours
  Adobe Illustrator CS6 Creating Illustration-1 20 Hours
  Adobe Premier Pro CS6 Video Streaming & Editing 28 Hours
Mobile & Device Application
  Windows Phone

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