CSR Solutions

Corporate Social Responsibility

Today technology has brought universal connectivity & empowers encouragement & awareness for social situations. The future generation of employees seeking out employers that are focused on the three-layered bottom people, planet & revenue, companies are encouraged to put that increased profit into programs the back.

NIIT is taking exclusive initiative for corporate social responsibility in many domains like education, health, career counseling supporting society; we conducted many workshops by bringing renowned trainers, corporate professionals to create awareness in these domains.

Our coming agenda will be of “human health, skill & talent development” is key domains where still lots of awareness to bring into action in communities & societies, NIIT Qatar conducted such programs by involving many charity firms to bring more awareness day-by-day.

Donation has also been made to needy people in association with corporates charitable trust, which is actively involved in elevating the sufferings of the heart, diabetic & cancer patient through various treatments to all communities of society.

Objectives of the CSR

  • Promote the desire for learning and knowledge at every stage
  • Significantly improve the quality of higher education and help in developing employment enhancing vocational skills and talent
  • Build social trusts
  • Provide Knowledge transformation, infrastructure support to build and sustain schools and educational institutions and undertake other infrastructure improvement programs
  • Promote employment, community development and welfare
  • Contribute towards environmental sustainability, ecological balance, protection of flora and conservation of natural resources
  • Inculcate a sense of empathy and equity among employees of NIIT by motivating them to give back to the society by involving them directly in the initiatives undertaken as part of CSR; and
  • Generate goodwill through its CSR initiatives and help reinforce a positive and socially responsible image, society capable of achieving sustainable development
  • Health Management for self-development
  • Right direction towards learning skills and building talent
  • Integration of environmental management tools into business plans, including life-cycle assessment and costing, environmental management standards, and eco-labeling.
  • Charitable contributions
  • Technology awareness programs
  • Setting up learning center to bridge the digital divide
  • Underling volunteer programmers
  • Achieve Social objectives
  • Corporate involvement in community education employment, safety and quality

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