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MIDDLE EAST MARKETING for Hotels & Restaurants

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middle east

About this course

In a sea of business competition on unpredictable market, sometimes the best service in Doha is just not enough for desired bussiness profit!
The client’s confrontation with the tourist and catering offer is decisive moment in the realization of services, in which the quality is irrefutably checked ways of managing marketing activities in a hotel, travel agency, tour operator, restaurant, car rental agency, cruise company, etc.
It’s not uncommon to hear hotel and restaurant managers say they “don’t believe in marketing,” when in fact they want to say they’re disappointed with the effect of their advertising. Sales and advertising are actually just two marketing functions that are often not even the most important. Advertising and sales are components of the promotional element of the marketing mix. Other elements of the marketing mix include product, price and distribution. Marketing also includes research, information systems and planning.
If marketers do a good job of discovering consumer needs, developing a good product, pricing, distributing and promoting products, the result will be attractive products and satisfied consumers!
This program is specially designed for hotels and restaurants in Middle East, you will get the most efficient strategies and feedbacks about current market opportunities.

This program is now LIVE! For more information please contact our NIIT Qatar Team!

After this course you will be able to enroll to other NIIT courses mentioned in course categories

Our NIIT Qatar training specialists in Doha are experts in Business Development and Marketing industry with a minimum of 15 years real world experience backed with Bachelors and Masters Degrees!
They will patently guide you step by step!

20 Hours

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