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About this course

Are you struggling with time management or having a hard time completing or prioritizing tasks on time?

In this Time Management Course, you will learn how to use time management tools, methods and techniques for managing your time effectively and accomplish more high-value tasks. You will discover how to overcome time management challenges and enhance productivity by following super-powerful time management tips and hacks.

You will also explore how to set professional development goals by understanding the importance of time management and recognizing the barriers to successful time management.

This course is led by a professional instructor, who will highlight time management mistakes that can slow you down, guide you to improve your time management skills and plan effectively to achieve both personal and professional goals!

This course will teach you how to:


  • Create a successful routine that consistently brings you successful results
  • Discover the best time management techniques that improve the ways you work, save your time, help control distractions and lock your concentration
  • Understand how effective time management can help you increase productivity and reduce work-related stress and anxiety
  • Explore plenty of time management tips that focus on mental and physical productivity
  • How to plan and organize your daily activities into specific time periods to increase efficiency
  • Master the proven time management skills that you must learn today to manage time more effectively
  • Learn the most effective time management techniques with their associated tools that can boost your productivity day by day

Apply time management tools that GUARANTEE you that time will be spent practically and wisely!

  • Benefits of Effective Time Management
  • What is Time Management
  • How to Save Time
  • How to Fast Track Your Career
  • How to Improve the Productivity of Your Staff
  • How to Earn More Money with Saving Time
  • How to Reduce Stress
  • How to Get Years of Your Life Back
  • 3 Main Fundamentals for Effective Time Management
  • Specific Time Management Techniques
  • Using Voice Recognition Software
  • Learning Speed Reading
  •  Using Productivity Apps
  • Surfing Web Effectively
  • Cancelling Your Subscriptions
  • Utilizing Online Business
  • Finding a Good Hiding Place
  • Conversation Types
  • Keeping Snacks Around
  • Travelling Efficiently
  • Learning to Say No
  • Training Your Staff in Time Management
  • Making Time Management Part of Employee Evaluations
  • Developing a Time Management Mind-Set

Gathering Ways to Save Time

After this course you will be able to enroll to other NIIT courses mentioned in course categories

Our NIIT Qatar training specialists in Doha are experts in Business Communication, Management and Marketing industry with a minimum of 15 years real world experience backed with Masters Degrees and PHDs!

They will patently guide you step by step!


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