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About this course

This qualification will provide you with the underpinning knowledge required by employers to work in a range of different environments in a customer service role. You will develop essential knowledge of how to carry out customer service related tasks such as how to manage information and support events. Once you have completed the qualification you will be able to apply your knowledge in a variety of industries and job roles.

Module 1:

  • Understanding Customer Service


  • What is Customer Service?


  • What is Customer Care?


  • Who is the Customer?


  • Wow! Service


  • Build Relationships


  • Barriers to Excellent Customer Service


  • Overcoming these Barriers



Module 2:

  • Identifying Customer Expectations


  • Customers Want Someone Who…


  • Customers Don’t Want Someone Who…


  • Customer Support Stats


  • Five Service Quality Factors



Module 3:

  • Providing Excellent Customer Service


  • Characteristics of an Exceptional Service Provider


  • Excellent Customer Service Mindset


  • Developing an Excellent Customer Service Strategy


  • Define the Current Situation


  • Define all Targets and Values


  • Implement Excellent Customer Service Strategy


  • Stay in Tune with Customers’ Changing Needs



Module 4:

  • Focusing on the Customer


  • Guidelines for Making Positive Impressions


  • Identify and Meet Customer Needs


  • Questioning Techniques


  • Effective Listening Technique


  • Making a Positive Impression


  • Who Needs Follow-up?


  • Follow-up Methods



Module 5:

  • Customer Service and the Telephone


  • Telephone Etiquette


  • Answer the Telephone


  • Greeting


  • Using Your Voice


  • Showing You Are Listening


  • Procedure for Transferring Calls


  • Taking Meaningful Messages



Module 6:

  • Handling Complaints


  • Complaints


  • Why Customers Don’t Complain


  • View Complaints as Opportunities


  • Five Forbidden Phrases


  • Service Recovery


  • Guidelines for Dealing with Difficult Customers


  • Cope with Upset and Difficult Customers



Module 7:

  • Enduring Stress


  • Stress


  • Sources of Stress


  • Managing Your Reaction to Stress


  • Identifying Your Beliefs


  • Challenging Irrational Thoughts


  • Using Questions to Challenge Thinking


  • Take Preventive Measures


Course Closure

After this course you will be able to enroll to other NIIT courses mentioned in course categories

Our NIIT Qatar training specialists in Doha are experts in Business Communication, Management and Marketing industry with a minimum of 15 years real world experience backed with Masters Degrees and PHDs!

They will patently guide you step by step!


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