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Certified SOC Analyst (CSA)

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About this course

If you want to gain practical, hands-on skills in realistic penetration test, the course in Certified Security Analyst is perfect for your career goals. Certified Security Analyst is the course you take when you want to go a step up from Ethical Hacker. Apply the tools and techniques you learned from Ethical Hacker and improve your understanding of how to apply these skills and understanding in real-world situations. It is a hands-on learning program that will focus on penetration testing methodology.

The course is extensive and covers a range of key modules such as penetration testing essentials, open source intelligence methodology, and social engineering penetration testing and network penetration testing methodology. Each module is discussed in-depth ensuring learners gain a firm understanding of the importance of applying skills learned in penetration testing methodology.

The Certified Security Analyst will help you advance your career with practical skills and experience, build on your skillset gained in Ethical Trainer and further progress to the specialized area of a penetration tester. Qualifying in this course will lead to numerous opportunities in the information security field in a number of high-paying job roles

This course will benefit Security Officers, Auditors, Site Administrators and Security Professionals. Additionally, it is suitable for any individual interested in the integrity of network infrastructure.

This course in Certified Security Analyst will enhance your qualification for a number of jobs in the IT and application security industries. Below given are few of the jobs this certificate will help you in

• Security Officers
• Security Professionals
• Site Administrators
• Auditors
• Tester

01: Introduction to Penetration Testing and Methodologies

02: Penetration Testing Scoping and Engagement Methodology

03: Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Methodology

04: Social Engineering Penetration Testing Methodology

05: Network Penetration Testing Methodology – External

06: Network Penetration Testing Methodology – Internal

07: Network Penetration Testing Methodology – Perimeter Devices

08: Web Application Penetration Testing Methodology

09: Database Penetration Testing Methodology

10: Wireless Penetration Testing Methodology

11: Cloud Penetration Testing Methodology

12: Report Writing and Post Testing Actions

Penetration Testing Essential Concepts (Self-Study)

After this course you will be able to enroll to other NIIT courses such as 

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They will patently guide you step by step!

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