Career Programs

Career Programs

NIIT Qatar is offering students a range of Diploma and Certificate programs. Our career programs are designed for students seeking an enduring career in information Technology. Our 3-Year PNIIT program in MasterMind Curriculum using Learning Architecture based on collaborative Constructivism (LACC) makes you the most sought-after IT professional in the world.

NIIT Qatar is equipping learners with skills in cutting edge technology platforms from leading IT vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle and Comptia.

NIIT Qatar students have found employment with various blue chip organizations as software programmers, database and IT administrators and IT operators.

MasterMind Curriculum – The revolutionary IT Program

With economies going global, Information Technology has started playing a major role in integrating diverse globalization needs resulting in an emergence of multiple technologies. Today there is a need for specialization in specific domains of Software Development, Networking Technologies, Databases and information System Security creating a requirement for certified professionals in each domain of expertise.

This rapid expansion has not only created a fairly serious shortage of manpower skilled in these new technologies, it has also driven the salaries of such skilled manpower upwards – a tend seen across the globe. NIIT Qatar’s MasterMind Series Curriculum is designed to help you make the most of this opportunity by offering programs leading to specialization in diverse fields of Software Engineering, Networking and Information Systems Security.

The MasterMind Curriculum is powered by NIIT’s unique LACC (Learning Architecture based on collaborative Constructivism) training methodology, which builds in learning components to enable various modes of teaching-learning interactions encompassing the theory of situated cognition and collaborative constructivism to address the various stages of experiential learning and caters to multiple learner styles.

Salient Features

  • Industry-relevant curriculum
  • Mapped to internationally recognized vendor and vendor neutral certifications
  • Credit based academic Framework
  • Unique methodology that ensures effective learning and higher retention
  • Blended learning – through instructor-led, classroom-based and web-based training
  • Web services including 24 hours online support
  • Possibility of higher education through various university alliances.

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